Road from Živinice to Kladanj Will Cost Four Million KM

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Communication will soon begin the realization of a project of reconstruction of the main road that leads from municipality Živinice to Kladanj. This is the worst section of the M-18 road, whose heavy construction, apart from this area, takes place and on the section over the Karaula pass.

“The start of construction works on the Živinice-Kladanj road is expected in April, as soon as the weather starts to improve. The project is worth slightly more than 4 million KM, and funds have been allocated from the “European Investment Bank” fund (EIB). The company “Jata” Srebrenik obtained the job, and the tender procedure is being carried out by EID’’, said the Federal Minister of Transport and Communication Enver Bijedić.

Otherwise, the reconstruction of the M18, that connects Tuzla and Sarajevo and is considered one of the most travelled roads in the FBIH, has become busier in the past few years.

Apart from this project, preparations for the rehabilitation of roads across Karaula have begun. As a solution for this dangerous road, the FBiH decided for the construction of three tunnels and four bridges, which would reduce the time it takes to reach Sarajevo from Tuzla by ½ hour.

“For Tuzla to leave traffic isolation is the priority of the FBiH government. Works should last 24 months, and money for this purpose is secured from European funds and banks that encourage development’’, said Bijedić.

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