Road to EU Means Prosperity

The Special Representative of the EU to BiH Peter Sorensen said that the road to the EU entails addressing corruption, since it is a slowly emerging regional trend that must be solved.

‘’I think that, regardless of BiH’s road to the EU, it will be a trend that will continue in BiH as well. When you deal with issues of corruption, you are directly entering an area of justice-an area that shows movement towards the EU. When you arrive at a situation where the judiciary functions as it should, corruption is more difficult. That is why we insist on judicial reform’’, said Sorensen in an interview with “Nezavisne Novine”.

He said that corruption has to be eliminated in order to attract investors.

‘’The motive that I see with our politicians is that they understand that there is a prosperous, or at least potentially prosperous future if the BiH moves towards the EU. That is why I think their efforts to move closer to the EU are genuine’’, said Sorensen.

‘’When it comes to the “Sejdić-Finci” cause, Sorensen said that the EU does not want to know whether the question will solved symmetrically or asymmetrically, but whether discrimination will be eliminated.

He said that EU integration is a long process and that there success is very important and a broad consensus inside the country.

‘’They do not agree on many things, but BiH is a potential candidate for the EU with the highest commitment. That is very good news’’, he said, among many other things.

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