Robotics team from Mostar received awards

firstAt the United World College in Mostar, an award ceremony was held to the team that participated at the recent robotics competition ‘FIRST’ which was held in Israel, reports Fena.

During the ceremony, thank you notes were given to sponsors of Robotics project, and the project itself and the team ‘Spirit of United Neretva’ was presented.

Spokesperson of the Collage Adla Velagić-Ćurić presented the work and the success of the robotics team and talked about the significance of the project.

Team, which represented Mostar and BiH consisted of students of United World College, Electric Engineering School of Mostar, and students of Informatics Faculty of Mostar, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Civil Engineering of Mostar.

Mentor of the project was the principal of the Collage Valentina Mindoljević.

In her statement to the press, Mindoljević said that the Mostar team named ‘The Spirit of United Neretva’ has won several awards for improving technology and science, and the values of First and internationalism, and for the overall positive influence on the community.

Mostar team was lauded for good cooperation during the competition.

Partners and sponsors of this year’s project HT Eronet, DHL BiH, Hering , Intera Technological Park, AlfaTherm i Student Union of Mostar University attended today’s press conference .

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