Royal Family Member bought major Part of Bosmal?

bosmal sarajevoOne of the members of the royal family Al Thani, who lives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), bought for a larger part of the space in the Bosmal residential complex in Sarajevo for 35 million BAM.

On Wednesday, June 6th, the first transaction was executed, and another transaction is expected very time soon, which will definitely represent the final purchase.

The value of apartments is estimated to around 60.7 million BAM and the value of the business premises is estimated to 18.4 million BAM.

To recall, 231 apartments are for sale, 97 in the tower A and 134 in the tower B, 371 garages, or parking space, and 46 business premises and restaurants. As announced earlier, 648 units totaled about 83.4 million BAM of total area 43.915 m2 are on sale.


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