RS Government Resigns

The RS President and the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) Milorad Dodik said that at last night’s meeting with the Prime Minister of the RS Aleksandar Džombić they agreed to the resignation of the RS government.

Dodik said that on Wednesday there will be a session of the government and that the name of the new mandate will be announced.

“Some ministers will remain in the new government, as it remains a coalition with former partners. There is already consent for many names, and everything will soon be known’’, said Dodik for RTRS after the meeting with Džombić.

He stated that there is no need to go to the RS Parliament, because it is about the resignation of the RS government, and they should enter into consultations as soon as possible on the composition of the government where a number of current ministers will remain.

The RS President did not want to speak about the names of the future ministers, saying that the one responsible for the mandate has the opportunity to inform the names of the new ministers in consultations with political parties that participate in the government.

He said that at the meeting it was assessed that it is necessary to introduce a new atmosphere and new impulse that should eliminate the current and significantly negative connotation and speculation regarding the RS government.

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