RS rejects the Veto of Bosniaks!

Narodna skupstina faktor.baRepublika Srpska rejected the veto of Bosniaks on the referendum in the RS and the population census in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Board of the National Assembly of RS for constitutional issues held a session in order to determine answers to two requests related to the protection of the vital interest of Bosniaks on the decisions on referendum and the census in RS.

The determined answers were forwarded to the Council of the Constitutional Court of RS for protection of the vital interest, and in the following days this council must declare on the veto of the Caucus of Bosniaks on the mentioned decisions.

The Assembly board believes that the request for protection of vital national interest regarding the decision on the referendum in the RS on January 9 as the Day of RS is unacceptable because, as it was stated, it is not founded on the Constitution and they suggest to the Constitutional Court of RS to reject this request of Bosniaks as unfounded.

In addition, it was stated that RS guarantees full equality of nations and citizens before the law and protection from any kind of discrimination. They reiterated the claim that Day of RS is a secular holiday.

It was also emphasized that the referendum does not refer to members of any constituent nation individually and it does not contain directives that discriminate or favor the members of any nation.

The board believes that the law does not favor any nation nor it brings members of different nations into an unequal position, and that is why it is unfounded to claim that its directives endanger someone’s vital national interest or discriminate someone in exercising their rights and obligations prescribed by the Constitution of the RS.

The Council will reach the decision on these requests in the following 30 days.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/photo: faktor.ba)

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