RS Supported New Mechanism for Coordination in EU Integration

EU_Europska_unija_040113(1)The RS government adopted yesterday information on the activities carried out tied to the establishment of a new mechanism of coordination in the area of European integration in BiH and open issues, such as the decision on the system of coordination process of European integration in BiH.

After working and consultative sessions it was announced that the entity government thinks that in the shortest period of time possible it is necessary to establish a new mechanism of coordination in the area of European integration in BiH, in order to ensure greater coherence and efficiency in the activities of all levels of government in BIH in the process of meeting the requirements in the EU accession process. It is also to have a common position of BiH when communicating with the EU and its institutions.

The governments supports the decision that is provided by a draft decision on establishing a new coordination mechanism in the area of European integration in BiH on all open issues, especially when it comes to the economy, composition, jurisdiction, presidency and decision-making bodies through which the coordination process is to be realized.

Also at today’s session of the RS government a decision was adopted on the coordination of the administrative bodies in the implementation of activities in the field of European integration and international cooperation.

As it was stated, this decision was brought to have a more effective realization of the obligations of the EU integration process and the programming of EU funds and other international entities.


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