Russian Ambassador: Stories that Russia is making an Impact on BiH over the RS are incorrect

The Ambassador of Russia to BiH, Petar Ivancov, said that the stories about Russian influence on BiH and the Balkans through the RS are incorrect. He also added that it would be a crime if NATO used ammunition with depleted uranium during their exercise. This reaction came several days after Ministry of Defence of BiH denied allegations on forbidden ammunition as incorrect.

However, Ivancov noted that the story of such military exercises can cause some concerns and that it already raised tensions, which is not contributing to a stable situation in BiH.

Ivancov stated that the Russian Federation has very good relations with the RS, but that he is listening with a lot of attention everything that political, public and social actors in BiH are telling him, and as a representative of Russia, he is trying to find a compromise”.

“Russia is never interfering in the internal affairs of the countries, but it is working on the improvement of cooperation. The thesis about some kind of “Russian influence” in BiH is coming from outside,” said Ambassador Ivancov.

He also noted that the Dayton Agreement functions as a combination of principles that is satisfying for everyone in BiH, and in order for it to be amended, all three peoples and both entities need to give their approval.

“Dayton brought peace. Now, the foreigners cannot force BiH to conclude a new contract or make some changes. That, if wanted, have to be done by peoples in BiH, because BiH is an independent country,” stated Ivancov.

He added that the time of the High Representative in BiH is over and that Russia believes that his job is not to resolve issues related to the new election law. Ivancov also added that information on the operation of radical paramilitary formations in BiH with a religious sign are quite worrying.

“We are hoping that the relevant security institutions in BiH and the entities will keep the situation under the control,” noted Ivancov.

He concluded that relations between Serbia and Croatia largely depend on the stability in the region and BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)


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