Influenza in BiH: Is there any Reason to panic?

Several deaths caused by influenza largely disturbed the public in BiH. Data show that there is an increasing number of those affected by flu-like symptoms, including H1N1.

“Well, I would not say that the situation is alarming. I just analysed the last four flu seasons, and we had similar situations in the last season, except that we had a smaller number of deaths in the previous two seasons. Every year we have 10, 11 or 8 cases connected with the flu – like this season in the FBiH”, said Mirsada Mulaomerovic, an epidemiologist at the Institute for Public Health of the FBiH.

“In the season 2014/15, 10 people died. One season later, eleven people died, last year three people, and this year – eight.”

“I would not be surprised if another wave of influenza comes, with this more difficult form of influenza virus, i.e. A H1N1, or some other type. The only prevention is vaccination. Influenza is a virus disease, and for grownups, it can be quite mild disease. However, for the elderly, those lacking immunity, pregnant women and children, it can be a serious illness with quite severe symptoms,” said Jurica Arapovic, an infectologist from Mostar.

“In case of higher body temperature, it is the best to take a rest, intake plenty of liquids, use some nose drops, pastilles, and to lower the temperature, of course,” said Zakira Pasic, a specialist in urgent medicine.

Ventilation of rooms, regularly washing your hands and avoiding contacts and large meeting, are some of the alternative recommendations.

Although deaths caused large disturbance in the public, doctors say that – there is no place for panic, we are at the peak of the flu season.

(Source: Aida Hadzimusic/N1)

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