Ruznic claims Health Workers’ Salaries will be paid

Mustafa Ruznic, Prime Minister of Una-Sana Canton, was a guest on the BHT1 live show.

“The USC government has not adopted the budget, a parliamentary college has been held and I hope it will be adopted on 19 January. When it comes to the work of institutions, we are functioning normally until the end of the first month, salaries for the 12th month of 2021 are secured and not questionable, and in the meantime we will, I hope, adopt the budget, “he says.

Budget users and their salaries are not questionable, but the salaries of health workers are questionable, but Ruznic claims that this issue will also be resolved.

“There is a financial plan that is so correct and well prepared when it comes to the Health Insurance Institute … The solution to the plan is to support it by MPs and to solve the problem of financing health workers. I hope that there will be no braking and we will pay the salaries, we have the option of temporary financing in three months, but I don’t think that will happen and the financial plan will get the required majority of votes and it will be resolved with the budget, “he said.

Health workers in Bihac yesterday, through a peaceful protest rally, expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of the competent cantonal institutions and announced that if they are not paid their December salary tomorrow, they will start expressing workers’ disobedience, and eventually go on a general strike.

Employees of the Bihac Health Center pointed out that they were outraged by the behavior of the governing structures and the work of the Health Insurance Institute of the Una-Sana Canton.

The workers of the Health Center believe that there are no reasons not to pay the December salary today, which is an obligation from last year, and they believe that this is politics

Health workers in Bihac did not receive their December salary because the Una-Sana Canton Health Insurance Institute did not adopt the financial plan in time.

It was announced that the Assembly of Una-Sana Canton will consider this document, which guarantees the payment of salaries to health workers, on January 19, but given the months-long parliamentary crisis in this canton, employees in health institutions fear that the plan will be adopted then.

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