Sabina Šabić and her Daughter Dressed in Palestinian Flags

red carpetExecutive producer of SARTR Sabina Šabić and her daughter Sara draw big attention last night at the welcoming reception at the Festival terrace. The two of them were dressed in dresses made of Palestinian flags. As Šabić said for Klix, she decided to do that because she wanted to leave a short and precise message.

“While at the red carpet, we wanted to send a message of peace that we all need. We should try to show injustice in every moment. The wars in Palestine and Syria are everyone’s concern, and that is what Sara and I tried to show dressed like this.” – said Šabić for

The reactions were really positive and as Šabić said to us – many guests congratulated them on that.

Sabina and her daughter play in the omnibus “The bridges of Sarajevo”. The director Teresa Villaverde made a movie about the two of them.

(Source: Klix)

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