The Helicopter Unit to be established in the Canton Sarajevo?

At yesterday’s session, the Government of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) gave its consent to the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the CS on the Study on the implementation of activities for the establishment of a helicopter unit, as well as for filling vacancies for the needs of that unit.

The study prepared by an expert working group led by an experienced aeronautical engineer, pilot and flight instructor Omer Kulic contains a complete analysis of procedures for procurement and selection of helicopters, necessary equipment, services, permits, registration, accommodation, staffing solutions, education, as well as the financing plan.

“We are correcting the historical injustice. We are including CS on the list of developing communities. We no longer want to be in the grip of civilization. It is a worldwide practice to buy all aircraft through loans, and we also believe that it would be best to apply the same method in our case. According to our estimates, the project will cost around 25 million BAM, where in the budget request of the CS Ministry of the Internal Affairs we also planned funds for the employment of the leader of the pilot team, three pilots, aircraft mechanics, and two operators, “explained the Minister of Internal Affairs of CS, Admir Katica.

The Government of CS has once again confirmed its commitment to projects that will be at the service of citizens in the long run. With this, it also confirmed the position and argumentation from the Study that the helicopter will undoubtedly have multiple benefits and significance in the most difficult life situations, such as transporting the sick and injured, fires, floods, earthquakes, rescuing injured from minefields, mountainous areas, delivering aid, transportation of members of the police in the performance of police tasks, especially those from the special departments on difficult-to-access terrains, as well as during traffic controls, examinations, etc.

With this project, the Government and the CS Ministry of the Internal Affairs are fulfilling the promise given during the mandate in 2019 on the establishment of a helicopter unit of the Ministry of the CS Internal Affairs, as obligations towards citizens, especially in terms of rescue and intervention.

The need for helicopters to be procured and put into operation can be seen from the recent alarming situations when the lives and property of the population were endangered during the summer in the areas affected by catastrophic fires, while a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Milorad Dodik did not approve military helicopter assistance by the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH).

“We do not want to depend on others, and especially not on those for whom the well-being of all citizens of BiH is not important. The establishment of a helicopter unit of the CS Ministry of the Internal Affairs is a sign of our collective social maturity and responsibility for the community. It is significant for our integrity, independence, and self-respect. If we save only one life, we have done enough. We will be able to be better and faster, help in the way we are expected to be able to respond in the 21st century. We will publish an invitation for a multi-role helicopter that can carry a minimum of ten people and to be in the service for the next thirty years. We have announcements from interested producers from Russia to the United States(U.S.) and from all over Europe. The tender will be international, public, and transparent, ” pointed out Minister Katica, Klix.ba writes.


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