Episcopal Conference started in Sarajevo


After celebrating the Eucharist in Sarajevo cathedral and the Holy Mass, members of the Episcopal Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina began a regular session on Monday.

Greetings and words of welcome to all members of the Bishops’ Conference of BiH and to all delegates were addressed by Archbishop of Metropolitan Cardinal Vinko Puljic.

In his address to the Episcopal Conference, Cardinal Puljic noted that despite numerous written requests and talks, neither the authorities nor the media were interested in resolving the issue of denationalization and restitution of confiscated church property being destroyed, resold or given to other owners.

“This also applies to the issue of discrimination when it comes to the health and pension insurance of religious officials. If we have time, we will touch on these topics as well, and maybe send a message in this regard, if our message means anything in this country,” added Puljic.

The Bishop of Dubrovnik, Mato Uzinic, Bishop of Dubrovnik, said in his address that the presence of representatives of that Episcopal Conference is a guarantee of support for the community and contribution to building a better and more just society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He thanked all the members of the Metropolitan Church for the support they provided and the selfless help they provided on the arrival of Holy Father Pope Francis in Macedonia and on the occasion of the Study Day.

During the working part of the session, the bishops will, along with regular topics, discuss the framework proposal for a joint program of the sixth pastoral year for priestly candidates, hear reports and address some issues.

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