Why Salihovic did not appear before the Council this Morning?

SALIHOVIÆ I NORVEŠKA AMBASADORICA LILLOE RAZGOVARALI O JAÈANJU KAPACITETA TUŽILAŠTVA BiHSuspended Chief Prosecutor, Goran Salihovic, did not appear before the First Instance Disciplinary Panel of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (VSTS) this morning. It was stated that he was not present in the court room due to the illness.

Rifat Konjic, Salihovic’s lawyer, explained that he is sick and opened a sick leave. The postpone of today’s and tomorrow’s hearings was asked, what the Commission approved. The next hearing is scheduled for Monday, February 13th at nine o’clock.

At today’s hearing, the prosecutors Bozo Mihajlovic, Dubravko Campara, Mirza Hukeljic and Eldin Biuk, needed to be questioned as well.

Office of Disciplinary Counsel charges Salihovic for the failure to seek its own exemption in cases where there was a conflict of interest, engagement in inappropriate communications with the judge or the parties to the proceedings, allowance of persons not authorized by law to meddle in with a judge or prosecutor.

By the investment material evidence of Disciplinary Counsel, proceedings against Salihovic began on Friday, 27th January 2017.

(Source: klix)

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