Salkić: No one disputes the Entity to have a Holiday, but of all Citizens

Salkić about Day of Republika pressrs.naVice-President of Republika Srpska (RS) Ramiz Salkić assessed the decision by the Constitutional Court of B&H on declaring the January 9 as the Day of Republika unconstitutional as a logical decision, since the Bosniak officials have long been pointing to the fact that January 9 as the holiday of that entity is unacceptable from the position of Bosniaks.

Salkić highlighted that no one disputes that the entity has the right on holiday, but that it cannot be a holiday of Serbs and Orthodox believers only, but of all citizens.

If we are talking about an entity holiday, then it has to be a date acceptable by all citizens of this entity, if someone considers us as its citizens. It is apparent that those who defined that day do not consider us the citizens of this entity today, neither did they back then,” Salkić said.

Salkić stated that, if Bosniaks are considered citizens of RS, it must be agreed with them on which date is acceptable as the entity holiday.

We are willing and ready to jointly negotiate which day it is, instead of that date being imposed to us and inviting us for celebration where certain religious beliefs are being imposed as well,” Salkić said.

Thus, Salkić reiterated that the Decision by the Constitutional Court of B&H is logical and justified and he expects that the institutions of RS will comply with its decision, as with all previous decisions which are obliging, under the timeframe defined by the Court.

(Source: klix.ba)

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