Sanja Džeba and Maja Izetbegović Handed Awards Won at Užice Festival

sumnja_maja_izCostume designer Sanje Džeba and actress Maja Izetbegović were handed awards from the the 17th Yugoslavian Theatre Festival in Užice held last year in November for their contribution to the play ‘Sumnja’ directed by Selma Spahić.

In a strong festival competition, the play was carried out at the National Theatre in Užice, and the great cast (Tatjana Šojić, Ermin Bravo, Maja Izetbegović and Jelena Kordić Kuret) thrilled the audience and garnered very high assessments.

The jury awarded ‘Sumnja’ for the best costumes and for the best supporting actor. ‘Sumnja’ was performed according to the text by Patrick Shanley, produced by Kamerni Theatre 55 from Sarajevo and the Association Kontakt.

In the framework of the working visit to B&H theatres, the award-winning artists in Kamerni Theatre 55 were given by Zoran Stamatović, Director of the Festivla and of the National Theatre in Užice. The ceremony was attended by Maja Izetbegović, and since costume designer Sanja Džeba was unable to attend, Director of Kamerni Theatre 55 Dragan Jovičić accepted the award on her behalf.


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