Sanjin Pehlivanovic won the Second Gold Medal in Billiard

sanjin pehlivanovicSanjin Pehlivanovic, 15-year-old from BiH, won another gold medal in billiards at the Billiard European Championships Youth competition which is held in Tirana.

After he won the title of European Champion in the discipline 10-ball, last night he won in the “8-ball” as well.

The brilliant and talented Pehlivanovic, who will turn 15 now in August, thus achieved the biggest success of our country when it comes to this sport. Last night at 7 pm, he won against the Polish Wiktor Zielinski.

European Federation of this sport says that our young Dragon won in the manner of a true champion.

Tonight, Pehlivanovic will fight in the discipline “9-ball”, and expectations are, as he said, “another medal, what else”.

To recall, before winning the gold medal, Pehlivanovic won bronze for BiH in the category of straight pool.

“I’m happy to be the European Champion and this is a confirmation of my work after years of effort, sacrifice and training. Also, today I qualified among the 16th best players in the competition of 8-ball discipline, and I am targeting one of the medals here as well,” said Pehlivanovic.

So far, Pehlivanovic won gold in the “9-ball” discipline in 2014 when he was less than 13 years old, and in the “8-ball” in 2015 when he was less than the 14 years old.


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