Sanski Most: 57 Victims from the Last War Identified

mass graveDuring this week, in the Center for autopsy and identification Šejkovača in Sanski Most 57 victims of last war were identified.

“The identified people were Bosniak civilians killed in Prijedor and Prijedor settlements Bišćani , Carakovo , Rizvanovići , Zecovi and Hambarine. Mainly, the mortal remains of identified victims were exhumed from mass graves Tomašica.  The mass grave Tomašica was found in 2013 near Prijedor and 435 victims were exhumated”, said spokeswoman for the Missing Persons Institute of B&H Lejla Cengic.

Cengic added that Halid Duratović  was the youngest of the victims identified during this week. He was fifteen years old when he was killed.

In addition, the oldest victim was Halid’s grandmother, Đula Kadic Duratović who was  killed at the age of 68 . Her remains were exhumed from mass graves Tomašica as well” added Cengic.

(Source: Fena)

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