Sarajevans gathered on the Barcelona Square: Support for our Friends, the Catalans

The connection between Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and Sarajevo dates back to the time of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), when the citizens of Barcelona helped the people of Sarajevo, which is a primary reason why a meeting of supporters of the Catalan independence referendum was held yesterday in the capital of BiH.

More precisely, citizens of Sarajevo gathered at the Barcelona Square in the Sarajevan settlement Mojmilo, where they showcased Catalan symbols, where riots and conflicts of citizens and police are underway today due to a referendum on the independence of this Spanish province, declared by the government in Madrid as illegal.

BiH artist Mladen Jelicic Troko is one of the first Sarajevans who supported this gathering and who invited the citizens of Sarajevo to respond and support Catalans.

“Pasqual Margall proclaimed Sarajevo as the ninth district of Barcelona in 1992, enabled the participation of BiH athletes in the Olympics, helped BiH to join the Olympic family, and renovated the Zetra stadium and a large number of the buildings in Mojmilo.. Come, it’s our face, if there’s any left,” Jelicic said on social media.

We recall that a referendum was held in Catalonia today, but numerous police officers made it difficult for citizens to take part in this referendum. So far, there have been a number of riots throughout this province, and the number of injured has been rising minute by minute.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba/ photo avaz)

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