Sarajevo Airport introduces PCR Testing

At the Sarajevo International Airport, passengers, as well as all other citizens, can be tested for the presence of coronavirus from today. Namely, the Eurofarm polyclinic, with which a cooperation agreement has been concluded, will perform antigen and RT-PCR test at the airport, and the time required to obtain the test results will be 15-20 minutes for antigen testing, or one and a half hours for PCR test.

It is planned that antigen testing will be performed inside the terminal building, while PCR testing would be performed in the area in front of the terminal building according to the drive-in principle, where a suitable container will be placed in which people and equipment needed for sampling and analysis will be placed.

The price of PCR testing is 100 BAM, while antigen testing costs 45 BAM, and the prices are formed taking into account the speed of sample processing and obtaining results. Also, it is important to emphasize that the Airport has selected a polyclinic as a partner in this project that already has experience with coronavirus testing at airports, and they have also been selected as a partner from Ramsgate Airport in London.

Finally, it is important to note that the target group when it comes to users of these services are not only passengers flying from Sarajevo Airport, but also all other people who need a fast and quality testing service for the Covid-19 virus.

The working hours of the test points at Sarajevo International Airport will be in line with the openness of Sarajevo International Airport, from early morning to late evening.

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