Sarajevo Architects awarded with an Honorable Mention

Himalayan mountain shackAt the recently held International competition to design a Himalayan mountain shack in Nepal, the Filter Arhitektura studio from Sarajevo won an honorable mention among the large number of submitted works from all over the world.

The jury consisted of architects from various parts of the world, among which were members  of the world’s most famous studios such as Renzo Piano Workshop and OMA-Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

The members had the task to design the shelter for up to 20 people that would be built across the upper part of Himalayas, and would serve for the protection and rest of mountaineers in hard weather conditions and at high altitudes, and would enable easier accessibility to the peaks of Himalayas.

The design by Sarajevo architects entered the further consideration category for potential building.

According to the words of the organizer, the significance of the work is higher due to a recent earthquake in Nepal. Works will be considerate for the reconstruction of damaged parts of the country.

The competition was organized by International organizations that work on the promotion of progressive ideas and the improvement of the economy of rural and poor parts of Nepal.


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