The Tourist Season in Neum to start

Neum tourist seasonDue to the exceptionally nice weather and high temperatures for this time of the year, the tourist season in Neum starts a bit earlier than in previous years, and the only BH city with the seaside already hosted numerous guests.

A Mayor of the Municipality Neum, Zivko Matousko, states that this year, due to the nice weather, preparations for the summer season started earlier.
Various events are being organized currently in Neum, thus Hotel Neum hosted thousands of visitors last weekend. Caterers are ready and that say that, due to various seminars, they love May and June more than the “heart“ of the season.

When it comes to most visitors this year are expected from France, since Hotel Neum and Hotel Sunce have a contract with French. Besides French, there are Poles, Czechs and Greeks.

However, according to their estimates, between 250 and 300 thousand overnight stays are being achieved during the season, and guests mostly come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then from Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy etc.

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