Sarajevo-based Company participates at Reiselivsmessen Tourism Fair in Oslo

Sarajevo based “Sarajevo Funky Tours” will participate at this year’s Reiselivsmessen Tourism Fair that will take place in Oslo, which is the largest event of this kind in Norway.

“It is extremely important for Bosnia and Herzegovina, for our companies to participate at this and similar fairs. Norwegians are known as passionate fans of tourism and travel, and the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, what we have to offer is still unknown to the wider Norwegian public,” ambassador of BiH to Norway stated.

Mr. Makarevic explained that the aspect of the prices BiH’s companies offer and the natural beauties, should be presented to Norwegians through other events as well.

“We, with our Norwegian friends, have tried the best and hopefully, we have been able to justify the opportunity to present BH tourist offer with the wish for many Scandinavian tourists as possible to visit us,” Mr. Makarevic added.

Mr. Makarevic adds that, together with “Sarajevo Funky Tours”, they could focus more on school and student excursions as well as on the congress tourism of Scandinavian companies that would send their people to BiH.

“With the accelerated development of tourism at the beginning of last decade, “Sarajevo Funky Tours” has emerged as an idea aimed at assisting tourists in their desire to better and better explore Sarajevo and BiH as a destination and to break up the prejudices about our country,” owner and director “Sarajevo Funky Tours” Skender Hatibovic told Federal News Agency.

Reiselivsmessen Oslo – Telenor Arena has become one of the most popular and important international meeting place for the travel industry in Scandinavia.

At the fair, the travel industry comes together and meets a committed, addicted to traveling and curious trade attendees! Visitors can find the inspiration and obtain the information at the fair. Everything combined together with cultural experiences.

The travel fair invites several exhibitors from different branches of trade.

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