Sarajevo Canton to record a Fall in Revenues by more than 100 Million BAM


Sarajevo Canton, due to the coronavirus pandemic, has recorded a fall in revenues, which is projected to amount to more than 100 million BAM by the end of the year, said Cantonal Minister of Finance Jasmin Halebic.

At a press conference with the Government and the Civil Protection Staff of Sarajevo Canton, Halebic said that the cantonal government was discussing the budget rebalance for this year, eKapija business portal reports.

Halebic emphasized that it is a budget that was adopted in early March, and its rebalance is a practically forced response to the pandemic of the coronavirus and the related economic crisis.

He added that the rebalancing will take into account the fall in cantonal revenues, but also include assistance from the International and the European Union.

Halebic specified that because of the decrease in revenues in Sarajevo Canton, they had to make cuts in almost all sectors, but also in institutions, public companies and institutions founded by the canton.

“The main priority of this rebalance is to support the economy of Sarajevo Canton. In this context, the number of persons employed by the Employment Service on Wednesday was 63,029, and now it has increased by 165 persons to 63,194,” said Halebic.

According to him, the budget rebalance does not envisage cuts in public sector salaries, education, health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as social benefits, some of which have been increased.




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