Sarajevo City Hall To Meet Again To Consider Solution for a New Mayor

The continuation of the session of the Sarajevo City Council is scheduled for today, and on the agenda is the election of a new mayor of Sarajevo who would replace the current mayor Alija Behmen.

The session was cancelled last week after two candidates who had the most votes entered the second round of elections: Igor Kamočaji from SDP and Stjepan Kljuić SUB. They both had 12 votes in the second round.

SDP believes that the session should continue today with a draw, but this kind of scenario is for the so-called second block (SDA and SDU) unacceptable and they think that the councilors should vote again on a new mayor.

Naša Stranka, which also had its candidate who withdrew because he had the least amount of votes, and neither Kamočaji or Kljuić are acceptable, will consider a third candidate.

Due to the entire situation it is still uncertain whether Sarajevo will get a mayor today, and without completion of the electoral process would not be able to adopt this year’s budget because the decision on temporary funding expires on 31 March, and it is necessary to name the winners of the April Sixth awards.

The session will start at 10:00, and the College of the City Council of Sarajevo, which consists of presidents of the club of parties in the City Council, is scheduled for 9:00.

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