Sarajevo enters Lockdown Today at 8 pm

Due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation, Canton Sarajevo (CS) will be closed from Friday at 8 p.m. to Monday at 7 a.m. As it is found out, cinemas, theaters, and fitness centers will not be opened during this period.

Edin Forto, CS Prime Minister, confirmed that this canton will be closed from Friday to Monday due to the increase in the number of newly infected people in CS.

As Forto pointed out, from Friday to Monday until 7 a.m., all business entities, except pharmacies, gas stations, and facilities that sell food and drinks, will be closed. Also, public transport will be available during the lockdown.

As it was further explained to journalists from a source in the CS Government, cinemas, theaters, and fitness centers will be closed during this period.

The great dilemma was what to do with the hotels. By all odds, they won’t be closed, as it’s hard to throw out guests who are already in there.

When it comes to sports activities, outdoor events are allowed while indoor ones are prohibited, Klix.ba writes.

While a lockdown has been announced in the CS for this weekend, there are no new measures for the upcoming weekend in the city of East Sarajevo. However, a more rigorous control was announced.

In this city, the epidemiological situation has significantly worsened. According to epidemiologist Biljana Mijovic, there are more registered patients in the 8 days of March than in the whole of January. The Hospital Serbia is overloaded since it currently has 66 patients, 3 of them on a respirator.

The citizens of East Sarajevo have different opinions on whether it is necessary to introduce more rigorous measures.

Officials from East Sarajevo say there is a fear of people overflowing from CS during the weekend lockdown. As they say, special attention in the upcoming period will be focused on the ski resorts that are under the jurisdiction of the city and city municipalities, BHRT writes.


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