Sarajevo: Everything in Sign of Dragons and Good Fun

SARAJEVO U ZNAKU ZMAJEVA, DOBRE ZABAVE I NAVIJANJAFootball atmosphere shortly before the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil can be described as heated. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the situation is the same due to the fact that it’s team will play for the first time on this competition. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina offers several projects of organized viewing of matches.

In Sarajevo, many restaurants are already decorated with the flags of countries participating in this year’s world championship, and of course, dominated by the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brazil.

According to the spokeswoman of “Dragon Nest”, Marina Duletić, said that the biggest “fan zone” will be placed in the center of Sarajevo, where citizens can support the Dragons and keep track of the World Cup matches.

“Dragon Nest” will be opened for all visitors from 12th June until 13th July at the liberation square-Alija Izetbegovic.

“This event is a small paradise for the fans because they will have everything regarding Championship in one place, watching the games on a large LED screen, tent with 600 seats, competition in table football, live betting, information desk, food corner, contests and lots of other fun activities”, added Duletić.

Our Dragons will play their first match against Argentina on June 15th  .


(Source: Fena)

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