Sarajevo to get a new Road with Four Lanes by October?

roadsWorks on construction and reconstruction of the Second Section and the new 900 meters on the South longitudinal of a city transport network in Sarajevo are taking place.

This is a section that goes from the Hamdije Cemerlica Street to Azize Sacirbegovic Street and Zvornicka Street.

According to the Contract, which was signed by the Directorate for Roads of Canton Sarajevo and the contractor Euroasfalt Sarajevo in August last year, the construction of a modern road with two lanes in both directions, as well as three traffic roundabouts that will facilitate the flow of vehicles, is planned.

“Works on the relocation of installations at the roundabout near the bakery AS are currently taking place, as well as the preparatory work on the repair of landslides at Zvornicka Street,” as stated from the Direction for Roads of CS.

Also, the works are also taking place on a trolley-bus network and the paving was done on two newly designed lanes.

The value of the Contract on the construction of the Second Section of the South longitudinal amounts to 6,942,676.50 EUR and the deadline for its completion is the month of October this year.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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