Peace and Understanding of other Religions can bring Progress

Spirit of Asiz in Zenica avaz.baThe central event of the fourth “Spirit of Asiz in Zenica” was held last night at the church of St. Ilija in Zenica, at the same time marking the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Committee for Interreligious Cooperation in Zenica which is the proud organizer of the event that breaks the boundaries between religions in B&H.
Young people from across B&H were staying in Zenica for the past several days, becoming familiar with the religions that have been living and developing in Zenica for years through numerous workshops and visits to the sacral facilities. The Chief of the Office of Youth within the Committee for Interreligious Cooperation Milan Djukic said more about this.
“We have had young people from BH cities staying here for three days and we have somehow tried to present them the multicultural Zenica through our workshops. Truly, our aim was that they take the flame of peace and love to their cities and that they know that our future depends on how we create our contemporaneity”, Djukic said.
Chairman of the Committee for Interreligious Cooperation Jakub ef. Salkica said that last night’s event aims at making everyone live in tolerance and togetherness, and to create better future.
“This event which we organized jointly aims at having all of us live in this region in the spirit of tolerance and togetherness, and to eventually make our future a lot better. For the first time tonight, the Charter of Peace will be presented to Don Tomo Mlakic who contributed a lot to interreligious dialogue”, Salkica said.
The Friar Zdravko Andjic added that last night they wanted to show everyone that peace, righteousness and truth have no alternative and how only that can help a man to come out of the gloom, and that this is the reason why it must be continuously worked on the promotion of peace and togetherness.
(Source: klix.ba)

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