Sarajevo to host Young People from 37 Municipalities in BiH

fb_img_1481471251572Youth for Peace is organizing a seminar for high school students entitled “Young people in BiH society”, which will be held at the Hotel Saraj in Sarajevo from the 9th to 11th of December 2016. Young people will have the opportunity to learn and discuss current issues of our society, they will have the ability to meet their peers from various parts of BiH, and together with them, become part of a network of active individuals of civil society that are capable of making changes in BiH.

Youth for Peace is an organization founded and run by young people, who gained their experience through many years of activity in the NGO sector while working with young people. Members are coming from different ethnic and religious groups. They are drawing their strength from the desire for sustainable mutual co-existence in the same country, by organizing a number of activities for young people and passing experience of dialogue and co-existence on them, as well as giving a positive example and spreading the spirit of togetherness.

This seminar that Youth for Peace offers to young people in BiH is aimed at mapping the similarities and differences, finding values that are common to everyone, and conversations about those topics that differentiate us. Young people are being trained to communicate while respecting others and their needs; different perspective can often help us in understanding each other.

You are invited to visit seminar and record the experiences of young participants and trainers of Youth for Peace.



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