Sarajevo Int’l Airport handles record number of passengers in 2018

Breaking all previous records, Sarajevo International Airport (SIA) welcomed 1,046,635 passengers in 2018, recording a 9.2 percent increase year-on-year, SIA press office said Tuesday.

Two records were broken in 2018, when the highest number of passengers was recorded in July and August, when nearly 160,000 passengers were served each month.

The second record was recorded when in December 2018, SIA welcomed a millionth passenger, thus hitting a new annual record in its history.

From Jan.1 until Dec.31, 2028, a total of 13,432 aviation operations were carried out, recording an increase of 5.0 percent year-on-year, SIA stated in a press release.

In the past year, 2,508,643 kilograms of commercial cargo was dispatched.

Year 2017 was also the most successful one when SIA welcomed 957.969 passengers and it is expected for the record to continue in the following years.

Sarajevo International Airport currently hosts 15 airline companies, including Fly Dubai, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, as well as significant number of charter flights to and from Sarajevo International Airport. SIA was opened 45 years ago. Currently, the airport hosts 15 airline companies, linking Sarajevo with 17 destinations.

(Source: Xinhua, Sarajevo Times)



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