Sarajevo Mountaineers Assisted Population of Konjević- Polje

SARAJEVSKI PLANINARI POMAŽU STANOVNICIMA KONJEVIÆ-POLJAMembers of the Mountaineering Association “Igman” from Sarajevo in two actions  helped the population of Lolići and Pervani village in the area of Konjević-Polje in repairing the damages caused by floods and landslides and they distributed to them humanitarian aid.

“Sarajevo mountaineers felt the moral and human urge to respond to appeals of the population of this area and to help them in repairing the damages caused on their properties and houses”. said for Agency Fena, a member of the team “Igman” Kerim Kalamujić.

They returned to Sarajevo after these actions pleased that they could help residents of that area.

“Mountaineers of “Igman” worked hard to their abilities to help people until the arrival of machines which they need. There is a lot of work but that will not discourage us. We promised them to go there again”, said Kalamujić.

Actions of team “Igman” which took place in June in Lolići village and end of the May in Pervani village were supported by Sarajevo Tobacco Factory.

Area of Konjevič Polje is hit by floods and landslides by the middle of May and big damages are caused to the residents and their properties.

(Source: Fena)

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