Sarajevo National Theater opens the Memorial Gallery “Sulejman Kupusovic”

The National Theater Sarajevo on January 30th  will open a gallery in the foyer of the theater to promote theatrical authorities and their works that have established the values ​​of the artistic work of the National Theater.

“The extremely rich archive of the largest theater in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) obliges us to open it to the public and present it through an educational cultural program that we have named the Memorial gallery ‘Sulejman Kupusovic’, “ they said from the National Theater Sarajevo.

“The Memorial gallery Sulejman Kupusovic” will be a place where the themes of the National Theater’s history and the biographies of the most significant artists and authors will be presented.

“With the very name of the gallery, we wish to extend to our greatest director, the theatrical visionary and the authority, Sulejman Kupusovic, for the enormous artistic opus he has given to us, and who has advocated the importance of preserving and nurturing memories of our artists and their artistic legacy for his whole life,” they stated.

The first setting in this Gallery will be devoted to the National Theater drama icon, Nada Djurevska, with the exhibition called “Nada Djurevska – Power of the Theatrical Expression”.

“We will try to evoke space and time in this way, as well as the great artistic contribution of this brilliant actress who deserves to be preserved from the oblivion. Director Sulejman Kupusovic and actress Nada Djurevska were linked with a special art string, and they shared a great artistic appreciation among each other. That is why we decided to intentionally reconnect them in this way which will inspire and remind us of the quality of artistic work and mutual respect in the time we live, “ they said from the National Theater in Sarajevo.

The Memorial gallery “Sulejman Kupusovic” will be opened under the High sponsorship of the Presidency member, Bakir Izetbegovic.



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