Sarajevo National Theatre’s grand Rehearsal of the “King Lear” shows human’s Suffering

Grand rehearsal of tragedy “King Lear” shows human’s journey through the darkness and abyss of death and King’s Lear suffering at the National Theatre on Wednesday morning in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Sarajevo.

After 63 years since the last playing of the “King Lear” in the capital Sarajevo in 1954, journalists had the opportunity to see the short version of this play at the press conference.

In its show, William Shakespeare portrays the virtues of human nature and their flaws. The characters in the show are metaphors and symbols of the human’s nature. “King Lear” shows his transition from being a God on Earth, to being a  humble ordinary mortal who goes to the world of darkness. When he decides to step down from the throne in Britain and divide his kingdom evenly among his three daughters, who turn against him causing inexplicable problems to this royal family. The devastating pain of knowing that he had been fooled pushes him in the maze where he takes all the suffering by himself.

“Shakespeare’s works illustrate the virtues and weaknesses of human nature, its transience, political authority, and internal family clashes,” Marijela Hasimbegovic, a director of Sarajevo National Theater said at the press conference.

What is very specific for this demanding tragedy is that BiH actor Izudin Bajrovic plays three characters, and among them, he switches between a dictator, poor man, refugee, clown and a little helpless child.

“This is a tragic text about the intimate story of a man who, when confronted with death, removes all his masks. The play shows the opportunism of the world where no one is interested in a man who no longer has a function,” one of the most staggering theatre directors in Slovenia and director of “King Lear” Diego de Brea said.

“King Lear” tragedy was played for the first time here in 1935. The premiere will be held on Oct.28 under the auspices of the British Embassy in BiH and International Theatre Festival MESS.


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