It is unbelievable that Afghanistan and Sierra Leone have a Vaccine, and Bosnia does not

When it comes to the growing problems related to the procurement of coronavirus vaccines for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the representative in the House of Representatives of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) Parliament, Nihad Colpa, also criticized the authorities.

He stressed that it is scandalous that some countries which were devastated by the war, as well as countries that have been declared one of the poorest in the world, are currently immunizing their population, unlike BiH, where this process has not yet begun.

“It is rude, hideous, and scandalous that war-torn Afghanistan, as well as one of the poorest African countries Sierra Leone, are currently immunizing the population, while we in BiH, which is at peace and located in the heart of Europe, do not know when vaccines will come and in what quantities they will arrive during this year, ” said Colpa.

He also emphasized that each day of delay with the vaccination of the population leads to hundreds of newly infected people.

“The total disintegration of the vaccine procurement system is absolutely unforgivable. Each new day of delay with immunization of the population brings hundreds of newly infected and dozens of dead people, and after months and years of possible delay of immunization, we will have dozens of newly infected and thousands of dead people. So, the government is a direct accomplice in the death of citizens and the consequent ruining of the economy, ” the FBiH Parliament representative pointed out.

The representative also referred to the issue that BiH might have in the future and pointed out that no one will be attracted to the place where only unvaccinated persons and migrants are left.

“For more than two months, I have been appealing to the authorities to create conditions and launch an urgent procurement of vaccines. I also warned that we will be a territory from which it will be difficult to leave and that only the brave people will want to come here. Nobody will find this place attractive, since only unvaccinated people and migrants will be here. However, most of those who should have proved themselves in this crisis have escaped into the ‘mousehole’. I think that we need to increase the pressure on those responsible for resolving the existentially important issue, ” Nihad Colpa noted.

At the end of his address, Colpa stressed that the state urgently needs to get out of this catastrophe and solve the problems related to vaccine procurement.

“We have to get BiH out of this catastrophe, because if a country under bombs or the poorest countries in Africa can implement the immunization of the population, then BiH should have started immunization a long time ago, and not to wait for better tomorrow. Otherwise, BiH will experience a higher mortality rate than in Afghanistan, and its economic activity will be weaker than it is in Sierra Leone “, concluded representative Nihad Colpa, Klix.ba writes.

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