Sarajevo paid tribute to Suada Dilberovic and Olga Sucic

12966541_1752549778315032_657669814_nIn April 1992, Suada Dilberovic and Olga Sucic were killed at the Sarajevo bridge Vrbanja from the shots from a nearby hill.

The citizens of Sarajevo, led by delegation of the City of Sarajevo, marked the sad anniversary, accompanied by the delegation of School of Medicine, University of Sarajevo, where then 23-year-old Suada Dilberovic was studying in 1992. She, along with 33-year-old officer Olga Sucic, was killed on the bridge Vrbanja.

On that day 24 years ago, the war knocked on the door of the capital city of the young European country. Six citizens of Sarajevo were killed that day, while a few others were wounded.

Shots were fired by terrorists and members of the Greater Serbian paramilitary groups who were slowly taking positions on the slopes and some low-lying areas around the capital city of the then Republic of BiH.

The fire was not directed at military facilities or the enemy army, but on thousands of citizens of Sarajevo who gathered that day at Marijin-Dvor, the plateau in front of the former building of the Executive Council and the bridge Vrbanja to raise their voice against the war that was already starting in some parts of the country.

The killings that took place on the 5th of April 1992 are accepted as the beginning of terror against civilians of Sarajevo, which lasted until February 1996. A total of 11,500 people was killed during the siege, including 1,600 children.

Bridge Vrbanja is now called Bridge of Suada and Olga, and now it has plaque with verses: “A drop of my blood fell, and Bosna never dried up.”

(Source: I. P./Klix.ba)


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