“Sarajevo Spring”: Listen to the Legendary Alan Rickman reading a Poem by B&H Poet Goran Simic

alanLegendary British actor Alan Rickman, who died yesterday at the age of 69 from the consequences of cancer, will be remembered by numerous film roles and his artistic contribution, as well as the characteristic deep voice.

Rickman will be remembered by great movie roles in the mega-popular movies of the series Harry Potter, where he played Professor Snape, Hans Gruber in “Die Hard,” Sheriff of Nottingham in “Robin Hood” from 1991 and many others.

There is a series of videos on You Tube in which Rickman reads numerous poems, parts of novels and drama texts, and one of them is a poem by B&H poet, essayist and writer Goran Simic, called “Sarajevo Spring”.

Goran Simic was born in 1952 in Vlasenica, and he lives in Canada since 1996. He is also writing short stories and radio plays, and he worked as an editor of literary magazines. His poems were published in national and international anthologies. He has published more than twenty books, and his poetry books have been translated into more than 10 languages.

Below you can listen to a VIDEO in which Rickman reads a poem by Goran Simic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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