Sarajevo: Young Men shared handmade 3D Origami Roses

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]A group of high school students from Kiseljak decided to make the ladies in the center of Sarajevo happy by sharing beautiful origami roses on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Those are not plain paper roses, but 3D origami flowers made with a lot of effort.

“The idea of sharing 3D origami roses is three years old. Thanks to a combination of circumstances, I found myself in Sarajevo with several roses and I gifted them. Then the idea was born to turn that into a tradition and already next year (2015) I prepared 100 paper roses by myself and shared them in Sarajevo with my friends,” said Vedran Miletić.

Reactions were so positive that they decided to continue the tradition this year as well.

“A month ago I started making roses with origami technique. I have been dealing with this hobby for six years already. Although my friends are not experts in that field, they were happy to help me so we bought the material ourselves and started working. In a good atmosphere, we made 200 roses. Each rose takes up to four minutes of work. What is important to mention is that no company or organization is behind us, trying to sell a product using cheap tricks. Our effort has paid off, judging by honest smiles on the faces of beautiful ladies,” said Miletić and commended on his friends, Gabrijel Remić, Antonio Dilber, Marko Štekić and Zoran Barunčić.

You may take a lot at Vedran’s beautiful works in 3D origami technique on this webpage. (https://www.facebook.com/Vedran.origami/).

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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