Ida Detergent on the Shelves in Bingo again

12833318_1123011054416516_697140978_nNew machine for the production of powder detergent has been put into operation recently, and the first delivery of Ida for Bingo was sent yesterday.

After financing materials for the production of the 3De dishwashing detergent and Tenzo laundry detergent, Bingo financed materials for the production of 50 tons of Ida.

“After four years, Ida Orange is on the shelves of Bingo again. We financed the first 50 tons and this would not happen if our buyers did not recognize the quality of Dita products that have been placed on the market earlier. Detergents 3De and Tenzo achieved an enviable share on the market, but other Dita products have found their way to BiH households as well. Again we expect support from our buyers, so that this detergent survives on the market. Given that the detergent is being produced after the old recipe and the price is affordable, we are convinced that the buyers will be satisfied,” said the PR of Bingo, Tatjana Paunoski.

“General agreement of us, workers in Dita, is to keep all the old recipes of our products and maintain the quality that we had when we worked under the license from Genoa. What matters to us the most is that the buyer returns and buys our product again. A buyer will purchase the product for the first time due to patriotic reasons, i.e. because it is domestic, but the second time the buyer will opt for purchase and continue buying only if the product is good,” said the Head of sales in Dita, Nedžad Gavranović.

Dita was available in all Bingo retail stores in the Tuzla Canton yesterday and distribution across BiH will begin in the coming days.


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