Reconstruction of the Health Center Novi Grad will be completed in 2016!

12842413_1123011101083178_319231296_oThere are no obstacles for completion of the reconstruction of the Health Center Novi Grad in 2016, said the mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo Municipality Semir Efendić.

“We have the contractor and the money. So far, the disputes were mostly between the contractor and supervision,” said Efendić, adding that these disagreements mostly referred to necessary standards regarding the specific purpose of the facility.

The mayor said that he visited the construction site recently and noticed that many interior works have been completed and that there is no reason for the construction not to be completed in 2016.

According to capacity, the Health Center Novi Grad is a significant medical facility in Sarajevo. Efendić said that, due to reconstruction, the operations have been successfully passed over to other capacities, especially the one in Vojničko Polje, for which he commends those responsible.

(Source: klix.ba)

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