Record Increase of Citizens’ Savings in BiH

Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH, Vjekoslav Bevanda, stated that consolidated participation of the public debt of BiH was 36.8 % in relation to GDP. He especially noted a record increase in citizens’ savings in BiH.

“Public debt has been recording an increase in recent years, but certain projections say that it will be decreased. We have reduced our indebtedness by a total of 750 million BAM,” noted Bevanda at the 3rd “Jahorina Economic Forum”.

He noted the fact that a record increase in citizens’ savings and deposits was recorded in BiH, which is not good since it shows that there is not enough interest for domestic investments.

According to him, the best thing that will happen to BiH will be when they start investing those funds.

President of the Fiscal Council of BiH Milenko Krajisnik stated that it is concerning him that investments are at 17 to 18 % of GDP, and there will be no significant development that will make a positive impact on employment, increase of salaries and standards without 23 to 25 % of GDP.

Krajisnik also believes that public debt and deficit are not bad things.

“A surplus that is not used or that is used in a wrong way represents a bigger problem than a small deficit that is controlled,” stated Krajisnik.

(Source: klix.ba)

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