EUFOR Liaison Observation Team held Presentations to raise Awareness


On 10 December 2019, personnel from the EUFOR Liaison Observation Team in Foča, in close connection with the Association of High School Students of BiH, gave a presentation to raise awareness of Operation EUFOR Althea.

When the Association of High School Students in Foča became aware of a general lack of knowledge among school children about EUFOR’s mission in BiH, they naturally turned to the Liaison Observation Team for their help. The EUFOR team prepared a presentation to explain what EUFOR does, its purpose and the reason for EUFOR’s presence in BiH. The presentation also covered how the international presence in BiH has developed over the years, from UNPROFOR and IFOR to SFOR, before EUFOR came into existence 15 years ago this month.

The presentation was attended by 40 students and 2 teachers from local schools in Foča and was received positively. The young audience thanked the Liaison Observation Team for producing an informative presentation and for giving their time.

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