Who will attend a Dinner organized by BiH Advisory Council in Washington?

The upcoming Gala Dinner, which will be organized on Saturday, May 5, by the Advisory Council for BiH, represents a very important event for BiH and BH diaspora, and a special guest will be the former US President Bill Clinton.

“Our visibility and importance in the US must be maintained, current occasions are like that, needs are like that. Considering the fact that BH diaspora in the US is the most numerous, the most well-educated and the richest, I would like to use brilliance as the term when I talk about our Gala. The strengthening role of the Advisory Council in representing the interests of BH Americans is becoming more important every day,” stated Adnan Hadrovic, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Advisory Council.

“This Gala is also a great opportunity to thank the US for everything they have done to stop the aggression on BiH. Moreover, the Council wants to express its gratitude to creators of American politics on both sides (Democrats and Republicans) who showed great courage and bravelyfought for justice during the aggression on BiH. The Council would also like to mark 75 years of the statehood of BiH and the 11th anniversary of the establishment of the Advisory Council for BiH with this Gala,” stated Hadrovic.

Former US President Bill Clinton will be a special guest at the Gala dinner, which will be organized by the Advisory Council for BiH. President Clinton will receive a lifetime achievement award on that occasion, which the Council awarded to former US Vice President Joe Biden and senator Bob Dole last year.

This year, a special recognition will be presented to Haris Silajdzic, a former member of the Presidency of BiH, and generals with four general stars Gordon Sullivan and Wesley Clark, the former commander of NATO for Europe.

The recognition will be also given to Sanela Dijana Jenkins, a businesswoman and philanthropist, and a representative of the non-profit foundation Hastor, which is helping children and youth from BiH. Among the winners of this year’s recognitions are the director of documentary films and writer Bill Carter from the US, who is also an honorary citizen of Sarajevo, and captain in the US Army Ermin Mujezinovic.

The aim of the recognition is that the Council, on behalf of BH Americans, shows its appreciation to the prominent attendees for everything they did or are still doing for BiH and its citizens, and for the aspirations of BH society towards a prosperous future in the EU and NATO.

Hadrovic also noted that this Gala dinner is organized in a period when BH public is questioning and expecting a stronger engagement of the US in the territory of BiH, especially because of the aggressive politics of Russia towards BiH.

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