The Preparations for the Construction of I Transversal launched

12178312_1123011051083183_526394934_nIn the coming several days, the Institute for Construction and the Directorate for Roads of the Sarajevo Canton should prepare approximate costs of preparation and construction of the I Transversal, in five sections from the Railway station to the Gornji Hotonj. This conclusion was adopted at the last session of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton which in this way prepares the beginning of construction of this exceptionally important road for Sarajevo.

According to the Minister of Transportation of the Sarajevo Canton Mujo Fišo, that calculation will present values per section, how many facilities for expropriation are there, where the replacement facilities will be constructed and which section will be done first.

“The sections start from the street Kranjčevićeva, i.e. from the Railway station to Velešići, which is the beginning, then from Velešići to Bare, from Bare to the entrance in the tunnel Kobilja glava, then the tunnel and exit from the tunnel all the way to Gornji Hotonj. When the information is delivered to us, we will be able to say when the construction of the I Transversal will begin,” Fišo said.

According to the conclusion by the Government, the Institute for Construction and the Directorate for Roads of the Sarajevo Canton shall deliver the costs of preparing the solution of legal and property issues, costs of the making of project documentation, and costs of the very construction of the road per sections.

As Fišo said, replacement residential facilities are planned to be constructed on Šip, thus the Institute was also asked to deliver the information on this possibility and costs as well.

(Source: akta.ba)

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