Little Baby Dalal won the heaviest Form of Leukaemia!

Little baby Dalal Omerovic, diagnosed with the heaviest form of leukemia in 2017, won a battle!

Her parents announced this happy news after they got an official confirmation that the donor cells were 100% replacing the small Dalal cell, meaning the transplant succeeded.

Her family thanked all people for all their support in the form of aid-gathering and encouraging messages they have been sending all these months.

“Our dear friends, dear army, our prayers were received. The finding we have been waiting for has confirmed that the donor cells have replaced those which were carrying a monster in the body of our Dalal,” was written on Dalal’s Facebook page.

In the coming days, the family will know when they will be back from Germany where Dalal is currently on treatment.

Dalal still has a wide smile despite having nine chemotherapy cycles, 10 lumbar and bone punctures, and blood taken many times.

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