Sarovic: The Problem is that RS has become a “Case” and a global Issue

The internationalization of the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with a focus on Republika Srpska (RS) will not bring anything good, on the contrary, we are just becoming a black spot that is ignored and a place where one should not investmoney, which will have a strong and long-term negative impact on the country’s economy, ” told Sarovic, president of the SDS.

“RS is being discussed for two days at the NATO summit in Riga, we are the subject of attention of the new German government with the already significant and visible presence ofrepresentatives of the United States (U.S.) administration. If someone’s strategy is to push current topics and the growing crisis in the direction of international arbitration, it is a bad strategy for the RS, “ Sarovic stated.

According to him, RS has become a “global case” and that, as he noted, is the worst possible scenario that could have happened in the growing crisis in BiH.

“We should direct all legitimate demands of the RS through the institutions and give them full legitimacy. To begin with, I consider it crucial and necessary for any success for one person to stop speaking and acting on behalf of all institutions, the National Assembly, the RS Government, the President of the RS, all deputies and ministers in the joint institutions, and finally to speak alone on behalf of the entire RS because such behavior only harms us, “ said Sarovic.

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