Sarovic: This is the worst Atmosphere since Dayton Peace Agreement

A meeting of the main board of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) was held yesterday in Istocno Sarajevo, and current political topics in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) were discussed.

The leader of this party, Mirko Sarovic, explained that yesterday’s agenda was very extensive, that they discussed the decision of the BiH Constitutional Court on the Law on Forests of Republika Srpska (RS), various initiatives proposed by Milorad Dodik in recent weeks, protests, as well as the upcoming snap elections in Prijedor.

“We will certainly not follow the SNSD in their initiatives, but we will establish our own special position on each of these issues,” mentioned Sarovic.

He expressed the SDS’s position on Dodik’s announcements that RS would withdraw its consent for the existence of the Armed Forces, the Indirect Taxation Authority, and the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, and that it would expel State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and the Intelligence-Security Agency of BiH (OSA) from the entity’s territory and establish its own intelligence agency.

“In its program, the SDS stands for the original Dayton and in that sense has a completely clear position. We will always advocate that all competencies that have been transferred to the state in one way or another should be returned under the auspices of the RS. That should happen in the same way as they were transferred to the state, and that is possible in the Parliament and other state institutions, primarily by the votes of the SNSD, ” said Sarovic.

Also, he emphasized that all initiatives must be implemented in a peaceful way without trying to destabilize the state.

“The policy of the SNSD and Milorad Dodik is the greatest danger to peace and stability in BiH,” the SDS leader stated.

He noted that the SDS supports the parliamentary and democratic way of transferring competencies, but that the implementation of that process is on Dodik.

“The return of competencies is completely legitimate, the only question is how it can be achieved. I don’t see why anyone could be held criminally responsible for that… He (Milorad Dodik) must agree with his coalition partners (SDA, HDZ) “to vote for it in the institutions. We wish him success in that… We will vote for the return of competencies and thus give our contribution. We have nothing against it,” Sarovic pointed out.

In the end, he concluded: “This is the worst atmosphere since the Dayton Peace Agreement to date. We are in a deep crisis and that crisis may be worse than it is now, everyone should be aware of that.”


Source: Klix.ba

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