Sberbank BH Launched Service mBanking

sberbank-bh(1)While trying to keep track of the needs and wishes of its clients, while taking into account market trends, Sberbank BH launched a new service called mBanking, intended for customers who want a quick and simple way to pay their bills or access their funds in their bank accounts via their mobile phones.

‘’We strive to offer our products and services and to adopt to market demands. Mobiles are the channel of communication that is becoming increasingly important, and so the expansion of our offer in this direction is a logical step’’, said the Director of areas of business with residents and business people of Sberbank BH Jasmin Spahić.

The application Sberbank mBanking was developed at the local level, in cooperation with B&H software companies. It is possible to install it on Android and IOS operating systems, and will soon be available for use on tablet devices.

The application will be available to clients at the App store and Google Play.

‘’A promotional action is underway, in which the application will be free for all Sberbank BH clients’’, said in a statement.


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