SC Galatasaray Hosted Water Polo Club Torpedo

07After the successful swimming and water polo show “Torpedomanija” and joint preparations with VK Medveščak from Zagreb, the Water polo Club Torpedo returned from preparations in Istanbul, Turkey.

Water polo club Torpedo was hosted by SC Galatasaray in Istanbul from 26.01 until 02.02.2014. The expedition in Istanbul consisted of 14 players, led by the coach Anes Džehović, the Director Bojan Mustur and the President of the Club Damir Neimarlija.

“We have established very good relations with water polo Galatasaray during our tournament (October 2013). We have been training twice a day with the junior team and the women’s senior team, who are the current champions of Turkey. We have used these preparations for the upcoming national championship, B&H Cup and the continuation of the Cantonal League. The team has demonstrated an enviable level of prosperity in all aspects and we are looking forward to the new competitions. Also, we have agreed on further cooperation with SC Galatasaray, which means performances of both clubs and professional development. We have used the time in Turkey to connect with other clubs as well. I think that with this move as a club we have contributed to the further development and promotion of water polo sport in B&H. 1o clubs have contacted us and expressed their wish to cooperate after our return from Turkey. I sincerely hope that we will be able to satisfy everyone in this beautiful sport”, said the Director of club  Bojan Mustur.

(Source: VK Torpedo Sarajevo)

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