School of Bosnian Language in Saint Louis: Lessons started yesterday

School of Bosnian Language St. Louis faktor.baThe Federation of Balkan-American Associations (FEBA), in cooperation with the Webster University from St. Louis and the International Burch University from Sarajevo, offers a “Program for studying Bosnian language for adults” and “Weened school” for children between three and 14 years of age, thereby using the latest materials and technologies.

“Considering that people are learning languages in different ways, we have established a number of other programs such as ‘one-on-one’ learning system, group studying once a week and free social activities for students who wish to use their knowledge of language in practice with teachers, colleagues and guest lecturers. We also offer various and advanced methods of learning, focusing on the needs of the students”, said the Director for Education at FEBA Missouri Elvir Mandžukić.

Classes of Bosnian Language started on November 3 and are held at the TASOM Community center.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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